6 Benefits Of SaaS And Why Businesses Should Use It

6 Benefits Of SaaS And Why Businesses Should Use It

by Alex Gates May 16, 2018

For small and medium size organisations in particular, web based applications managed via SaaS (Software as a Service) can provide a great alternative to delivering effective I.T for their business. Many large businesses are using this cloud based platform as a great way to run and manage aspects of their work too.

In this blog, we help businesses understand why they should use SaaS solutions over traditional software, by listing 6 Benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS) for businesses.


1. Simple To Use

Probably the most important benefit of SaaS is how simple it is to adopt this software solution and how easy it to use. As the software is delivered online, businesses don’t have to worry about getting IT technicians in to install or upgrade desktop applications.

The SaaS supplier has done all that, reducing the need for an IT expert as all the user has to do is access it (with their logins) provided they have an internet connection.

As SaaS solutions are delivered over the internet, there is virtually no learning curve involved with adopting a new solution as employees tend to already be used to working on the internet and using cloud based software such as Dropbox or Google Drive in their personal lives.

2. Affordable

Unlike traditional software, SaaS (like Grow in Cloud CRM) is usually sold on a subscription basis that includes upgrades, maintenance and usually customer support. SaaS subscription tends to operate on a monthly subscription basis and hence there are no large up front or one off payments.

With SaaS, businesses pay for what they need, without having to buy extra hardware to for the new applications, as it is all done online.

In the case of funding software and its implementation (especially for software that is rarely used or not to its full capacity), this can be a huge issue for the sales and marketing budget, so the lower, rolling over cost really makes a difference.

When delivering business applications via SaaS, it is all handled by the SaaS provider, so business owners don’t have to worry about the maintenance of servers or purchasing latest operating system version to support the software – as it’s all taken care of online.

3. Able To work Anywhere/Be Flexible

Able To work Anywhere/Be FlexibleOne of the main benefits of SaaS that users really appreciate is how they can access their work anywhere and makes it easier for businesses to offer employees the ability to work remotely; from home or elsewhere.

However, it’s not only about convenience for staff. SaaS flexibility can also bring savings for the business, such as reducing the number of fixed office workstations and servers that are needed. Since the software is hosted in the cloud and accessible over the internet, people can access their business applications from their laptop, phones or tablets.

Providing there is an internet connection, SaaS solutions can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This is particularly useful for business men and women who need to travel a lot for their work, as they are able to access their data and work more efficiently from anywhere, making life much easier.

4. Manages Backups/Software Upgrades

With traditional software, the process of backing up data on a weekly basis can be tedious at the best of times. SaaS solutions remove this painstaking task, allowing for automatic backups without the user having to do anything and therefore guaranteeing the safety of their data.

The SaaS provider will manage software updates and upgrades, eliminating the need for installations or downloads. At any one time, the user can be assured that they will have the most up to date software.

5. Is Secure

Secure NetworkMost mainstream SaaS solutions on the market today have a level of security that would be very expensive with a locally installed application. They often run across separate locations that replicate the data and they provide continuous data backups, the latest security protocols and service level agreements.

As data confidentiality is a growing area of concern amongst employers especially in industries that hold private and personal client details, most cloud data centres now provide complete separation of data to satisfy strict data privacy policies.

While security used to be a stumbling block for SaaS adoption it is now changing as the technology can cater for tougher demands and regulations and is now very secure.

6. Is Scalable

For any growing business, the ability to scale up without the worry of buying new servers for increased storage is a key benefit. Scalability of a business offers a competitive advantage. In this ever fluctuating technological marketplace, SaaS helps organisations grow extremely quickly.

And the business scales up with a SaaS supplier, there’s no need to invest in server capacity and software licences, which can be extremely costly. All they need to do is simply adjust the subscription.

In Summary, SaaS Takes Away The Worry!

Most modern businesses want to work applications that don’t require frequent backups, paying for ever- increasing storage and server rooms on site. They want to be reassured about keeping their data safe; in case something happens to their workplace (theft, flooding, fire). SaaS offers the ability to remove that concern as everything is safe and protected online. This gives business owners and staff peace of mind.

Business owners gain financial benefits of using SaaS compared to traditional software. There is a manageable subscription cost which includes every aspect of service delivery, support and much more.

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