London based tech consultancy and software development company with passion to help our clients embrace the cutting edge technology.

Cloud Stem Ltd develops cloud, AI, Big data, mobile and enterprise applications to streamline complex business processes.


Complex Problems, Simpler Solutions

At Cloud Stem, we work to transform your ideas into reality. We use technology as an enabler not a constraint. Complexity, at Cloud Stem, is a catalyst for change not a challenge.

We LOVE Invention & Delivery

 Do you work in a fast-paced industry or consider competitors’ use of technology as their unfair advantage? Our most loved Duo of invention and delivery is the answer to your questions. By building the right mix of two, our innovative technology solutions designed and delivered at strategically right time will help you gain the fair bit (unless you ask for the unfair bit) of market advantage.

Cloud Stem brings the research, design and digital engineering excellence at one platform. In today’s data driven world, we help you become a data-led business rather than just a business.

Transform, Focus, Deliver

Cloud Stem strives to align its services to meet user needs and transform organisations. Our service staff ensures that they keep their focus on excellent customer service while the development team deliver integrated and high-value solutions.