Android vs IOS

Android vs IOS

by Alex Gates April 24, 2019

When you are thinking of getting a mobile app developed. You will face a question to make a decision which platform is better suited for your business Android vs iOS. Some businesses get it designed on both platforms. However, if you are a small business with time and budget constraint, you would like to know which one help you reach out to your audience.

There are few factors you should consider before deciding to build an app on Android or iOS given below:

  • Audience
  • Features
  • Cost
  • Goal


Success of any business depends on them engaging with their audience with the right message. You should consider your audience demographics such as age, gender and geography etc when deciding to build an app for Android or iOS. Android iOS. If your audience is global and emerging markets, android apps is the best choice.  Android has more than 2.1 million apps in its store in contrast to iOS which has just under 2 million apps. However, if your audience is in US and western Europe, iOS app is best choice for you.

Android audience

  • Android has great number of users in emerging markets like Latin America, Africa and Asia
  • The users are likely to be employed in tech jobs
  • It has larger number of men user’s comparison to women
  • Android users are less likely to pay for the apps

iOS audience

  • iPhone users are more willing to pay for apps
  • iPhone users tend to be more affluent than android users and earn more
  • Users are more likely to be in media, business and marketing jobs.
  • Apple has larger userbase in US, Europe and Australia
  • More likely to have older women users than android


Have you considered what features you will be offering in the app? If you want to offer more features, Android is best for you because it being open source. This gives you more flexibility in development of new features which your audience wants. There is also a risk of greater bugs and slowing down of app because of it being open source without a tested framework.

iOS has certain restrictions on development of features due to it not being open source. You can develop any feature in the app unlike android. However, you can liaise with App store customer support team and they do offer support to help you meet your goal.


The cost on both platforms varies. Developing an iOS app is much quicker. You can design an app and get it ready in short period of time. Because it takes less time to build, it means less development cost.

Android apps usually take 2 to 3 times longer than iOS due to doing extensive testing. Because the app store is available on different devices and at different sizes of operating systems. The developers have to undertake system release cycles to identify and fix any bugs. The longer it will take to fix the bugs, the development cost would increase.


You should know what your goal is for development of the app. Is it for branding of your business? Making revenue from adds? Subscriptions or getting clients to pay for downloads.

As mentioned above, if you want to penetrate in the emerging markets and make revenue from ad displays. You should build app on Android platform due to it having larger market share. However, if you are an enterprise business or your audience is affluent urban US, western European and Australians and you want to sell apps then iOS is best suited for you. iPhone users twice as much on app purchasing than Android users.

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