Strengthen your relationship with clients and maximise revenue


With growing SMEs success stories, there is a huge drive from governments and business leaders to grow entrepreneurial spirit and skill set to establish successful new businesses which generate growth and creates jobs. However small businesses do not have the budget and resources to implement big systems in place to streamline work flows and improve efficiency.

They use number of standalone solutions for different tasks such as appointment software to manage calendars, keeping records on spreadsheet as a mean of CRM, a software for invoicing, something for marketing and document solutions etc. Some businesses perform some of these functions manually which is time consuming and costly.

growincloud case study


Keeping in mind growing number of micro businesses in UK and worldwide, we have developed a cloud software “Grow in Cloud”. The software enables businesses to perform all essential tasks from a single platform. It’s seamless workflow and user-interface makes it much easier to perform tasks and help businesses with reducing no show ups, quicker collection of payments, sending out marketing campaigns, recording expenses, making it easier for staff to manage their calendars and liaise with each other and customers. Some of the features are:

• Client site/ widget to engage with clients

• Lead generations (from website via widget)

• Schedule appointment/ SMS reminders

• 2-way calendar synchronisation

• Online payments/late Invoice reminders

• SMS/Email marketing

• Track email metric – Opened, not opened, bounced back

• Business Reports

• Staff management and tasks delegation

• Inbox – Clients all actions history recorded

• Document Sharing & history with clients and leads

We have also integrated it with following popular software’s and platforms for small businesses:

Wix, Word Press, Google, Yahoo, iCloud and Outlook, Facebook, PayPal and Stripe