Our Management Team

Miss Yang Zhou
Managing Director

Ms. Yang Zhou is the managing director at Cloud Stem. Yang has studied and worked in the finance sector in the UK since 2013. She has always loved the challenge of building a bridge between the businesses and technology. She is responsible for business development, finance, and personnel management functions of the business. Yang also manages portfolio of client, prospect, and influential relationships in their respective market She is adept at building, managing, and scaling a business. With an ever-existing entrepreneurial mindset and a burning desire to prosper in her own business, she has extensively worked, as part of various projects, designing and delivering technology solutions for Real Estate Industry, Professional Services industry and to create the process automation workflows

Yang is a graduate of University of Sheffield UK where she studied Business Finance and Economics.

Alhassan Algabery
General Manager

Alhassan is the general manager of the business. He is a dynamic business professional specialising in product R&D, business strategy and system analysis. Alhassan carries global experience from organisations such as Nottingham Business School, Smith of Derby and La-Marquies Jewellery. He is one of the Co-founders of Cloud Stem.

He has bachelor’s degree in commerce, post graduate diploma in financial accounting & auditing and MBA from Nottingham Business School.

Muhammad Haris

Muhammad Haris is chief technology officer at Cloud Stem. In this role, he leads and manages teams that use technologies and methodologies to meet the ever-changing digital challengesHaris has more than 7 years of experience in developing software’s at startups and established tech companies. He has designed and led the development of multiple software projects which were reviewed and approved by Microsoft, Deloitte (M.E) and were selected in Web Summit. He is passionate about building software products that make businesses and people more productive and successful every day. He is a strong believer of making this world a better place through innovative technologies.

He holds bachelor’s degree in computer science from Forman Christian College University. 

Jahan Safdar
Director Customer Support

Jahan is a customer support director of Cloud Stem. Jahan brings almost over a decade of experience in starting and managing businesses. He has worked extensively with diverse range of clientele to transform start-up ideas into real businesses and to advise on business management issues.

He holds bachelor’s degree in business management studies from University of Derby, UK.