Workflow Automation

A Software To Automate Your Workflows And Admin Work


In the Middle East there is a huge demand for people in the construction, real estate and education industry and many of these people are employed from outside the region.

The expat community are subject to migration controls under different visa categories with different permissions. They have to have a residential permit provided by the company in order to be able to work in the region.

The employer of each company in the Middle East must make sure the permit is renewed before it expires otherwise the employer has to face huge penalties for this. They also face heavy fines if the permits of the expats, under their sponsorship are not renewed in time.

Currently employers keep a manual record of the expats they are sponsoring and this can cause unnecessary delays when

communicating between employers and their employees as they rely on particular people being there to process the renewals. This wastes business huge amount of time and more importantly money (if they have to pay the penalties and fines).


We designed a digital document management system; MyAdminSoft for the region using standard technologies such as Microsoft ASP.NET C#, JavaScript, SQL, HTML and CSS. It can be used in Arabic as well as English. The cloud-based software keeps records of the expat employees and businesses and can be accessed anywhere.