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STEM exists to make you CRM champion




Cloud Stem CRM Grow in Cloud is a real time customer engagement tool for better collaboration and quicker yet efficient sales management. Cloud Stem is cloud-based platform for all your staff and customers. Achieve your revenue targets and customer satisfaction goals with the power of Cloud Stem CRM. 


Cloud-based CRM solution means that you can now view real time customer data anytime, anywhere. With easy to use cloud solution, your sales team can manage contacts, create and update products/services lists, send invoices and receive payments, track unpaid invoices and use the real time messaging facility for better customer communication. 


Real-time Communication and Online Sales Management 



STEM provides your business with the liberty of on-the-go customer communication. You don’t need to be at your desk to serve your customers as STEM keeps all your customer data in the cloud for easy instant access from anywhere in the world. Online invoicing and Payments facility means that you can now send sales invoices in few clicks and receive customer payments within minutes. 

Less Work, More Growth 



STEM has been designed to help you focus on what you do rather than spending all your time doing CRM. Through atomization of business processes, STEM enables you to achieve more business growth while doing less work. From contact management to payments tracking, STEM covers all aspects of sales and CRM. 

No Paperwork, No Software Installation 



Gone are the days for businesses to worry about paperwork management. Cloud technology has revolutionized the way we do business. STEM takes the hassle away of paperwork, software installation, business data storage and maintaining a network infrastructure. Your staff can access and manage business data by logging into safe and secure cloud hosted CRM solution. 

Reduced Costs, Increased IT Support 



STEM eliminates the need for spending thousands on software deployment and management. Cloud hosting with unlimited technical support means that you can enjoy increased IT support without having to employ on-site IT staff. 

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